Racing has become a very important part of my life. It takes a lot of dedication and a lot of focus but results in a real sense of accomplishment and puts me in great shape. Sharing this information helps keep my mind in the game and lets you read about my experiences :)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Please follow me to my "new" blog!

Hi Followers!
I'm going to make some of your lives easier.....I/we decided that I'm going to transition to writing all my entries to our "A Life More Complete" blog.   For those of you that haven't checked it out yet, it started as a blog about just our adventures together (vacations, geocaching, wedding, etc).  Our individual blogs became a place for just our personal posts, mostly about races and training.

I was listing out the updates I wanted/needed to do to both my blog and our blog and really had to stop and I need to continue to maintain two blogs?   You wouldn't think it would be such a hard transition (I feel like I'm abandoning my old blog!) but it was a somewhat hard decision and I've put careful thought into it.  I think having one blog to maintain and update should make my life a bit easier.

AND it will give you the opportunity to follow me and us on all of OUR crazy adventures in training, racing, and life :)  And the many other fun things we do, like geocaching.  I'll have much better information and detail on the new pages I'm creating as well


Thanks and see you over there -----<{@